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Ten Proverbs for Litigators

Wisdom WayTrying cases is what I think I do best.  There are some lessons that I have learned along the way.  Twitter helped be shrink them down to 140 characters or less.  Here are my top 10:

1.  Cases are won as much by facts forgotten as facts remembered.

2  If truth is in the middle, then so will be the verdict.

3.  Juries tend to make humble lawyers proud and arrogant lawyers humble.

4.  The billable hour, whether your own or another’s, will dictate the course & length of litigation more times than not.

5.  If you don’t pay attention to the trivial aspects of your case, the jury just might. Know thy case.

6.  Don’t ask, if you don’t already know.

7.  Jurors want to know you believe in your case before they believe in it.

8.  If you don’t like your client, the jury surely will not.

9.  Moderation in all things, except your passion for your case.

10.  Make your case a cause.

[From my blog Blogger at Law. These lessons are just as applicable to efforts to beat a non-compete.]

Inevitable Disclosure: Bimbo Sues Muffin Man

Here’s an article about an inevitable disclosure case recently filed in federal court in Pennsylvania. Bimbo Bakeries sued a former manager at one of its english muffins facilities, saying “he is one of fewer than 10 people in the world who know how to make the muffins with the special ‘nooks and crannies.'”  To prevent disclosure of its trade secrets, Bimbo asked a judge to keep the former manager from working for a competitor.  Although, he had not even signed a noncompete. Read the rest of the article on Law.com.